83935470_2850336181676124_6479426089817997312_nI’m Myleen Sagrado Sjödin.

Welcome to my world!

So, you’ve come to learn more about me and my colorful history. I consider this site more than just my portfolio or resume. It is a candid reflection of my life, my views and my accomplishments. It’s a story told with much candor and openness.

I hope these pages will give you a strong sense of who I am, how I think, how I work and what I envision.

What is my next dream role?

I want to go beyond the horizon and tell fascinating stories either in the technical or creative sense on corporate websites, social media channels, video scripts, documentation, advertisements, brochures, training material and whatever else comes in the future. This means using my exceptional skills in technical writing, marcom or content writing, advertising, branding, copy writing, public relations, authoring articles & blogs and any other type of communications in order to describe, promote and endorse products and services. I don’t need to stick to a specific job title, I just want to utilize a number of my many talents, be appreciated and shine.

Am I for You?

starI look ahead for innovative ways to shed light on the latest science and technologies and grow technology businesses by using outside-the-box thinking and my creative writing skills.

starI produce outstanding results, but sometimes come in half past 10 in the morning or at times work from home.

starI smile and greet everyone everyday and I truly care about my colleagues’ day and the team’s well-being.

starI do think life should be an adventure, one that must be lived with all your passion and participation.

starI celebrate diversity and am interested in different cultural perspectives and food tastes.

starI believe in humanity and that every person in the world can make a positive impact.

Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life

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