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1200px-Texas_flag_map.svgAfter graduating at the University of Houston, I started my initial role at Pennwell Publishing in the Conference and Exhibition division where I learned the art of training and servicing clients and staff at trade shows and conferences. It is during that time I met my Swede and had a long distance relationship that led me to make a huge, life-altering decision. Unafraid of the unknown, I resolved to pack up and leave the U.S. to start my new life in Sweden at the tender age of 26.

During the late 90s after much hunting and presenting myself at Swedish job fairs with little Swedish, I finally landed my first job in Uppsala writing software documentation in native English using my technical skills and background. It was a role I thrived in at a time when there was a massive Internet and IT boom. Companies were vying their position in the international marketplace, and global software companies like PharmaSoft were needing an English Writer to keep up. It was my opportunity to show the company that I can deliver world-class, high-quality documentation, customer service and training for their high-end clients. It was one of the most game-changing positions of my life as it started my interest and career in communications.

downloadred-brick-acorn-street-boston-massachusetts-america-royalty-free-image-1628884798shutterstock_106288253After 6 years there and the completion of my husband’s degree in compiler engineering at Uppsala University, we decided to make a move back to the U.S. where my husband could begin his fruitful career in his specialized field. He received lucrative offers which led us to live in Boston, Austin and India. At that time, I followed him around to our new homes and continued to build my work experience by staying in the IT world as a Technical Writer designing Help, creating user guides, writing content for Web and email campaigns and training others as a mentor. I found I had an exceptional knack in both explaining complex ideas and creating great visual graphics to convey the message.

I became interested in other realms outside my career including starting my own business to help others achieve their business goals of promotion and advertising. I worked as a consultant to create a website for a childcare facility and photography studio, as well as continued to work with a software company, [24]7, Inc., to write API and technical documentation. I eventually founded the first Nordic language school in Toronto, Nordic Languages Initiative.

Using my fierce, entrepreneurial skills, I created the logo and collage image for the school. I also developed NLI’s website using WordPress and produced the content, which included writing our teachers’ biographies, our school’s refund policies, and responses to prospective students’ inquiries all with a single purpose of endorsing our school. Furthermore, I handle the digital marketing effort by promoting NLI’s brand, creating Web, social media and e-mail campaigns using SEO copy and targeting our audience using Facebook and Google ads. Using NLI’s Facebook page, I educate and enlighten people who want to travel, live or work in the Nordic countries, usually for reasons of love. I am also involved in planning the course outline and ensured that our message heavily advocates Scandinavian culture and languages. I am proud to say that Nordic Languages Initiative is still going strong and has taught many people a new language and way of thinking. It makes me proud that I affect people’s lives in a positive way.

As someone who adores the Swedish lifestyle, I blog incessantly about it on Facebook and my own personal blog, The Swede Life in Toronto where you can get the scoop on the latest Swedish/Scandinavian trends and happenings in Toronto. It has been an amazing source of information for many a Swede or Swedophile and really showcases my passion and love of the Swedish culture and politics. You’ll definitely get a great sense of my views through that blog!

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